Counterpressure Hooks By Raoul Audhoe

Counterpressure Hooks By Raoul Audhoe

Counterpressure Hooks By Raoul Audhoe

Instructional content:
1 Introduction

2 Hooks and Frames

3 What And Why
45° angle
Obtaining counterpressure hook after standard (irimi) ashi garami
Swivel motion
Real-time example
Knee inside hook

4 Reinforcing
Maintaining the hook
Front leg rule
Reinforcing Details

5 Common Defences
Opponent hops away
Opponent runs forward
Opponent walks back
Using two legs
Using off-balance
Knee inside off-balance

6 Back Leg
Back leg
Switching to front leg
Realtime example
Following the back leg
Common defences
Negating the pummel
Negating the (high) backstep

7 Positional Hierarchy
Differentiating the last two positions
Arm position
Head position
Dealing with the common defences from upgraded positions
Upgraded position, opponent running away
Upgraded position, opponent walking back
Upgraded position, opponent steps back (high backstep)

8 Troubleshooting
Opponent pins the leg
Opponent drops on the knee

9 Finishing
Finishing knee outside
Finishing knee inside
Fully reinforced position
Reinforced position 3
Attacking the back

10 Connecting the Dots

Counterpressure Hooks By Raoul Audhoe