• Hot Wet Canadian Summer

    35 videos  |   Buy $39.95

    Footage from the Hot Wet Canadian Summer 2023 jiu jitsu camp in Calgary.

    Day 1: Corey Guitard
    Day 2: Corey Guitard & Oliver Taza
    Day 3: Shane Fishman

  • Leg Pummel Passing by Frank Rosenthal

    25 videos  |   Buy $64.95

    This instructional is designed to give you the skills and knowledge for more efficient movement when attacking the guard.

    Leg pummeling uses a combination of pressure and mobility that is an essential part of the guard passing game.

    You will learn the mechanics to skillfully apply these movem...

  • Counterpressure Hooks By Raoul Audhoe

    10 videos  |   Buy $69.95

    Counterpressure Hooks By Raoul Audhoe

    Instructional content:
    1 Introduction

    2 Hooks and Frames

    3 What And Why
    45° angle
    Obtaining counterpressure hook after standard (irimi) ashi garami
    Swivel motion
    Real-time example
    Knee inside hook

    4 Reinforcing
    Maintaining the hook

  • NoGi BJJ: Intro to back attacks by Corey Guitard

    29 videos  |   Buy $19.95

    Intro To Back Attacks will help you to develop a comprehensive understanding of the foundational concepts, tactics, and techniques used to take, maintain control of, and finish from the back mount!

    What you'll learn:

    • How to defend and escape the back control;
    • Principles of back control, gr...

  • Foundations of NoGi: Theories & Concepts

    58 videos  |   Buy $39.95

    Foundations of No Gi Grappling: Concepts and Theories brought to you by 10th Planet Black Belt Corey Guitard is designed to deepen your understanding of No Gi Grappling.

    The goal of this BJJ instructional is to provide you with a conceptual explanation of Jiu Jitsu, a deeper look at the fundame...